Big Cat Diary

Big Cat Diary: The last year of the Jaguar with 6 Squadron RAF
by Wing Commander John Sullivan

The last commanding officer of the Royal Air Force sole Jaguar squadron commissioned a book as a gift to the personnel of his squadron. But the book had a wider appeal to the aviation enthusiast community – in fact many had freely given their photos for inclusion in the book – as the Jaguar holds a special place in many an enthusiast heart!
Karl Drage from Global Aviation Resource, along with Richard Cooper of Ian Allan Publishing were instrumental in the project. I was honoured when Wing Commander John Sullivan approached me to design and put it all together.

With specially commissioned air-to-air photography by world-renowned photographer Jamie Hunter (see his website Aviacom), the end result was…well I’ll leave it to the authors personal message to me in my copy of the book;

“Thank you for your unwavering enthusiasm and professional expertise – an outstanding result, entirely worthy of a study in ‘excellence’!”
John Sullivan, 2007

Image © Scott Lewis

Image © Jamie Hunter