Squadrons, Patches, Heraldry & Artwork of the Indian Air Force 1932-2016

Squadrons, Patches, Heraldry & Artwork of the Indian Air Force 1932-2016
by Phillip Camp

This book aims to record as many patches as possible from the flying units together with a brief resume of each unit, where known. This book features more than a 1000 patches of the Indian Air Force in an effort that spanned two decades. In this book, the author traces out the origins of the squadrons and units of the IAF, their heraldry, artwork and patches history.

Book Details:
210 x 148mm, Hardback, 272 pages.
Colour and B/W imagery throughout
PRICE: £25.00

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“This unique book is a labour of love for Phillip Camp who has spent more than two decades covering the Indian Air Force and its activities as an Aviation writer. Phillip had collected thousands of patches over the years and it is his passion for them that has resulted in this book. It is my personal opinion that the book excels when the lesser known units come into focus, especially the “no-number” Institutions and units. Another benefit of this effort is that the discerning reader has one single reference book that lays out the potted history of most of the IAF’s flying units. The book is one of a kind – It is only the author’s personal interest, vast collection and personal drive that had this book reached publication status. Suffice it to say that there is no one else in the world who had spent so much time studying the patches of the IAF.”
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